Eating (relatively) Healthy Takeaways

So, you’ve been eating healthy all week, loosing weight for the summer, you’ve maybe even been to the gym a few times. You want to treat yourself at the end of the week, but you don’t want to waste all your hard work being healthy.
Can you possibly have a ‘healthy’ takeaway?
Well, yes, actually.

Tips and TricksBaked Potato

  • Avoid fried dishes, especially deep fried dishes.
  • Choose leaner meats, such as Chicken.
  • Avoid extra cheese, or stuffed crust pizzas.
  • You don’t have to eat it all. Really!

Personally, I don’t like leaving food uneaten on my plate, and I really hate putting food good in the bin. But, that doesn’t mean I have to eat it all at once.

Most takeaways, especially Chinese and Indian takeaways, give portions more than big enough for one whole meal, often enough for two. Eating slowly gives you more time to enjoy the flavour, and gives your brain a chance to realise when you’ve eaten enough, and make you feel full. Stop eating, and put the rest away for later.

If you feel bloated or tired after your meal, you’ve over eaten - even if it’s healthy food, that’s not healthy.

Baked potato

The most obviously healthy choice is the baked potato and a healthy filling, no mayonnaise or cheese (or at least a low fat one). But, a baked potato isn’t what most people will want as a weekend treat, so what about the other options?

Chip shop

Fish and ChipsMost things from a chippy will come battered and deep fried, which is certainly not a healthy option. You could remove all (or most) of the batter before eating, to hugely reduce the amount of fat you actually eat.
Choosing an oily fish such as Salmon instead of cod will provide many more nutrients such as omega 3, which won’t reduce fat, but is thaught to help with brain power and blood flow.

Thick cut chips instead of thinner french-fry style chips are also a slightly healthier option, as they have a better potato-to-fat ratio. Chinese

If you can avoid the deep fried dishes, Chinese dishes tend not to contain too much fat, as they often contain mostly vegetables. You can also choose leaner meats such as Chicken, or vegetarian options such as tofu to further reduce the fat in the dish.
Steamed or boiled rice also have far less fat than the usual fried rice.


Oil based dishes such as Korma or Tikka Masala contain a lot of fat and are to be avoided. When your serving, try to leave the layer of oil in the bottom of the carton.
Fried breads such as puri or paratha also contain a lot of fat, so choose nan bread over these. Also try choosing boiled rice instead of fatty pilau rice.
Try sticking to tomato based dishes, and boiled rice or nan bread.


Kebabs can actually be a surprisingly healthy option. Try a Chicken Shish Kebab in Pitta bread with lots of salad. But, avoid mayonnaise, and ask that the Chicken isn’t cooked in loads of oil.


Fish and ChipsNo extra cheese (a low fat cheese if available), and a thin base (certainly no stuffed crusts or double decadence) are the best way to keep a pizza healthy. Also, vegetable or seafood dishes are much lower in fat than meats such a peperoni. And avoid any pots of sauce that come with it.
If the size you usually get leaves you feeling full, try going down a size (you could always have a salad as a side if you think you’ll be left hungry).

Some other ideas

Unless the takeaway is on the other side of town, burn a few calories walking to collect it instead of having it delivered. You’ll usually save a quid doing this, and if your sitting in all night, it’s great to get out a stretch your legs.

If your having a few drinks with your takeaway, remember about the calories in beer and wine too. Try a low calorie brand. Spirits usually have lower calories, but be careful choosing a mixer, fizzy drinks are high in calories too.

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