Effective Methods of Advertising Your Takeaway

There's a number of different ways you can promote your Takeaway, online and offline, cheap and expensive, reliable and risky. In this article we'll look at a number of these methods examine the benefits and pitfalls.

Offline promotion

The most used methods of promotion are offline, for example almost every takeaway distributes their menu in paper format. Unfortunately, these are often the most expensive and wasteful too.

Paper menus
The logic behind this is clear - your customers need to know your menu and your prices, so you need to provide them with a menu. Right? Unfortunately, the cost of paper menus really outweigh the benefits. Even the cheapest run costs hundreds of pounds, and the chances are the majority of the menus will be binned, lost, spoiled, or otherwise wasted.
There's also the limitations of updating paper menus - once they're out, they're out. Customers can't know if they have the latest prices, and you've no way of updating them.

Outdoor signage is something you can't go without, it gives a professional and trustworthy front to your business. However, it does have limited advertising scope - only customers passing by can be reached by it.

Online promotion

Bespoke Websites
Having your own website can have mixed results. A well designed, professional website which is kept up to date can have a fantastic influence on customers who find it, it can show you as a high quality, professional business.
On the other hand, bespoke websites can be expensive, and if you go for the cheaper options or don't invest the time keeping it up to date, it can be fairly obvious that you've cut corners and not put the effort in - and what does that say about your business?
There's also a misconception that just having a website automatically finds customers. The fact is there's literally billions of websites to compete against, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a website to come top in search engine results.

Online ordering services
There's a number of services which allow you to receive orders online, and on the face of it these seem like a fantastic idea - your customers get the convenience of ordering and paying online, and you get more orders. Fantastic?
The down side of these services is the cost, most take around %11 of each and every order, or put another way, getting a single £100 order will cost you £11. They also don't allow you to just list your menu for customers but take the orders offline, so you have to choice but to pay their fees. Not so great, after all?

Takeaway Finder
Ok, it's no surprise that we think our service is a great alternative to the above, but let's look at why.
You can list your takeaway completely free of charge, including opening hours, delivery details, your complete menu, and update it as often as you need to, no charge. You also benefit from our ranking in search engines, meaning your takeaway page is almost automatically near the top of the results for relevant searches.
If you do want to put in a little extra to help gain more customers, our promotion options start from just £10 a month, and if you subscribe for a whole year, you get four months for free!

These certainly aren't the only options to promote your takeaway, but they are the most common. Which ones work best for your business and customers might not be the same as the next takeaway, but we hope our services can help you grow your business.

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