Akash London - West

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Services: Takeaway, Restaurant
Cuisines: Indian, Tandoori
Opening hours: No opening hours available.
Delivery: No delivery information available.
Address:   Akash, 500A Edgware Rd, London,
London - West, London,
W2 1EJ, (020) 7706 1788
Akash is a Takeaway and restaurant in London - West which serves mainly Indian food. They can be found at 500A Edgware Rd, and their phone number is (020) 7706 1788.
Street View: Akash London - West


5 reviews for Akash.

7th Dec '13:
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  In short, do not let the location below the stairs put you off, Akash has a nice house white and does delicious Indian food. Akash restaurant is located at an odd place, because it is a little bit hidden away behind some stairs. I walked past this restaurant so often, and never went in - in part exactly due to its strange location. After eating there, I can ensure that it is not at all as dodgy as it can seem from the outside. To start off my dinner, I ordered the house white wine, and it was surprisingly good. The wine was dry and crisp, a very good choice. I did not bother to get a starter and went straight to the main with the delicious butter chicken dish. Because I like bread, I choose naan bread as side dish - to soak up all the tasty sauce. There was a funny detail about this naan bread, that I did not expect. I ate naan bread at quite a few places by now, but it never reminded me of pancakes. This naan bread did - I think it was a bit sweeter than most other naan breads I've had so far. It also was very soft, which supported the pancake-like impression of this bread. The oddity of pancake flavour aside, the naan bread tasted really good. For me, it complemented the a slightly spicy sauce very well, I enjoyed the contrast of the sauce and the sweet bread. The dessert was a bit of a let down. Strawberries are always a winner, but this strawberry cup looked very much like a ready-made kind of ice cream cup, which was not really what I expected from an Indian restaurant. Overall, Akash is a welcome addition to my list of decent local restaurants and I will definitely go there again. Next time, I might also check out their bar - another detail you probably do not expect at most Indian places.
11th Apr '12:
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  Decent old school Indian restaurant. Been there 30 years so must be doing something right. Nothing extravagant, just good solid Indian restaurant favourites.
19th Oct '11:
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  Mostly go for takeaway. Portions are good, food even better. Everything is great, save for the naan. Staff is always very friendly and attentive.
20th Apr '11:
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  Quaint and charming, decent food too.
26th Aug '10:
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  Naan tastes like its been reheated from frozen



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