Jimmy Chung's Edinburgh

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Services: Takeaway, Restaurant
Cuisines: Chinese
Opening hours: Monday: 1145 - 2230
Tuesday: 1145 - 2230
Wednesday: 1145 - 2230
Thursday: 1145 - 2230
Friday: 1145 - 2230
Saturday: 1145 - 2230
Sunday: 1145 - 2230
Delivery: No delivery information available.
Phone number: (0131) 556 3313
Address:   Jimmy Chung's, 17 Waverley Bridge, Old Town, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Edinburgh, Edinburgh,
EH1 1BQ, (0131) 556 3313
Jimmy Chung's is a Takeaway and restaurant in Edinburgh which serves mainly Chinese food. They can be found at 17 Waverley Bridge, Old Town, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and their phone number is (0131) 556 3313.
Street View: Jimmy Chung's Edinburgh


5 reviews for Jimmy Chung's.

14th Apr '14:
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  The food isn't great and it's quite pricey. I don't really get the hype.
16th Oct '13:
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  An all you can eat Chinese buffet that has all of dishes you would expect. Food is replenished often so you are never left waiting for a dish you want and the variety is commendable. The Chicken Satay is my favourite but they also do several noodle dishes that are also worthy of mention. Puddings are the only weak part of the food selection. They are usually small sponge cream cakes with jelly or banana fritters. Whilst both are nice, only the fritters leave you with that satisfied feeling. There is a minimal compliment of staff but they are efficient and courteous. Prices vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year which is worth keeping in mind and it is advised to book at weekends.
19th Sep '13:
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  Cheap and cheerful Chinese food in a fairly comfy setting. Ideal if you've got time before heading for a train since it's a run down the ramp to the station. I loved the Singapore noodles. The desserts were really simple, cake, ice cream, jelly and fruit. We worried about their newest policy of charging extra for wastage of foods, but it just made us think more about what we put on the plates.
15th Sep '13:
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  I love all you can eat and l love Chinese. Good food Jimmy Chung's
6th Sep '13:
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  Our initial reaction to Jimmy Chung's was that for a Chinese buffet, the food was pretty good. Which it is. It's not too greasy (at least compared to some of the North American mall kiosk fast food we're used to), and there's a decent selection. They do have a number of "rules" that were... interesting... namely that if you take extra food that you don't eat, they'll charge you an extra 5 pounds. I'm not sure how much extra you'd have to take for this to happen (we made sure to finish our plates!) but maybe it isn't a great example of putting the customer first. What really put us off though is that they increased their prices for the month of August, while all the tourists were in town. That's a pure money grab, and we made sure to avoid it for the entire month. Bottom line: Food's good, but their policies are questionable.



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