Sal's Pizza Bradford

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Cuisines: Pizza
Opening hours: No opening hours available.
Delivery: No delivery information available.
Phone number: (01274) 737672
Address:   Sal's Pizza, 200 Manningham Lane,
Bradford, West Yorkshire,
BD1 3BN, (01274) 737672
Sal's Pizza is a Takeaway in Bradford which serves mainly Pizza food. They can be found at 200 Manningham Lane, and their phone number is (01274) 737672.
Street View: Sal's Pizza Bradford


8 reviews for Sal's Pizza.

23rd Apr '14:
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  Ye Waqar I wouldn't even waste my spit on a s••tty customer service business like this and ye change the business name coz you guys are just a disgrace and degrading to the name sals. The original owners and the second to them where the best days. Read your comment again. It just goes to show how much of a customer service & customer satisfaction you provide. JUST PATHETIC.
23rd Apr '14:
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  Ye that's a well obvious. And ye those two guys where definitely retarded mangeeees.
23rd Apr '14:
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  That's true that place has lost its rep. God help whose who own it now. I've stopped going there too.
23rd Apr '14:
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  Defiantly wasn't you serving me on the counter. It's was an old fella and another old fella with a beard If I remember dressed up as the sheff I suppose.

The first guy just blew it on the 1st instance. I was only 2 pence short and he had a fit over that. Not only that my money consisted of some copper and silver change. He goes to me why on earth have I loaded him with copper and silver change. Then he goes no takaway on earth accept copper and silver change!!! LMAO

That's just phetetic. And lastly he embarrassed me front of his colleagues. Is that what you call customer service. Either sort your staff out or say bye bye to your business coz people like that are defiantly a negative impact on businesses. Good luck anyways.
27th Mar '14:
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  Lol at whoever this maybe. Yes I am new to this trade and it is my business, my name is Waqar I am 20 years of age, whoever this maybe, please come down to my shop and happily talk to me about this matter, cos I know from 12-12 it's nobody other than me who serves customers, I have hundreds of witnesses also. Your talking about two pence? Two bleeding pence? An uncle comes into my shop whom I don't even know and I give him stuff for free whatever it's worth maybe, definitely more than two pence, and yes whoever thinks am a mango shud get the f*** off his a** alongside you and come to see me, I would definitely be more than happy to embarrass you infront of the whole of manningham lane and teach you how to not hate on someone's business. JazakAllah for wasting your time and mine. May Allah never show you light of day again for hating on my 'Halal' business :)
25th Mar '14:
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  Right. Im definatly not going there after reading the review
25th Mar '14:
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  MangoeS don't know the meaning of customer service
25th Mar '14:
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  Disgusting customer service!!!

In my 28 years of life living in bradford in the manningham area Iv never seen or conversed with such ignorant person at the sals takeaway on manningham lane. I think these people are new comers and have never done business before. I ordered some food from there and at the time of pick up I realised that I was only 2 pence short. Instead of the person telling me that either they don't accept nothing less or ok that's fine but for next time try to have the right change. In fact instead of that he embarrassed me front of all his colleges that where there behind the counter giving me the food and also reluctantly accepting the change. I gave the food back requested for my change back.

I would NEVER BUY anything from there again whilst these ingnorant and unprofessional people operate that takeaway.

Good luck to those who want to get embarrassed.

This place is not worth rating. I wouldn't bother wasting my time rating them.



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