Tandoori Nights Swindon

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Services: Takeaway, Restaurant
Cuisines: Tandoori
Opening hours: Monday: 1700 - 0000
Tuesday: 1700 - 0000
Wednesday: 1700 - 0000
Thursday: 1700 - 0000
Friday: 1700 - 0000
Saturday: 1700 - 0100
Sunday: 1700 - 0100
Minimum order £10.00 in the Swindon area
Address:   Tandoori Nights, 92 Cricklade Road, Swindon, United Kingdom,
Swindon, Wiltshire,
SN2 8AF, (01793) 512255
Tandoori Nights is a Takeaway and restaurant in Swindon which serves mainly Tandoori food. They can be found at 92 Cricklade Road, Swindon, United Kingdom, and their phone number is (01793) 512255.
Street View: Tandoori Nights Swindon


5 reviews for Tandoori Nights.

4th Aug '13:
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  Been ordering food from tandoori nights for a few years now and I cant fault it, its consistency in the same quality of taste is what keeps me coming back, the staff are friendly too, personally dont understand what the people that have giving a bad review are talking about but hey! Im going to order one tonight!!
7th May '13:
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  Best Madras and Tikka Masala curries I've tasted. REGULARLY
19th Nov '12:
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  i love the food!
3rd Dec '09:
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  I have worked at Tandoori Nights on and off for over a decade. I am not a relation and do not have any vested interest in promoting the business, but I do feel that I should clear up the clearly slanderous statements that have been made here. I think they may be from a rival business or an unhappy customer that may have taken their grievance too far, especially as the previous post was left by a regular customer of several years whose parent actually worked at the takeaway... if the food was that bad Margaret, I am sure your mum would have told you seeing as she worked there for many years too! I also know from past experiences that this customer has had several instances where they have a complaint to make and want their money back some time after eating their meal... until the next week when they order again! And to clear things up, she did in fact receive her money back. Its disappointing to see people lying for free food, Pathetic!!!! As far as the suggestions of poor cleanliness go, anybody who is interested can call the council to ask about the shops record. They will be told that the inspectors have been so happy with them that they only visit once every 18 months, the most minimal visits possible. Any food business they have concerns over are visited more regularly. In fact, I know that Tandoori Nights are happy to show any prospective customers around the kitchen. This shop has many faithful customers and has been running for years.
18th Oct '09:
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  Under no circumstances use this food outlet unless you want to be up all night in the toilet. The place is a health hazard, they use frozen chicken and deliver it in that condition. The staff are rude and cut your call when you try to make a complaint. The delivery took nearly and hour and a half to arrive and when I demanded my money back was refused. I have made a complaint to the local council food health dept and I hope they do something about this place and close it down at the very least. ITS DISGUSTING AND THE WORST PLACE IVE EVER USED AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!





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